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Welcome to SkyGen !

SkyGen is a community which develops IRC, Discord and MediaWiki's Wikis softwares. If you have programming knowledge, or even basic level in it, and want to participate in the project ? Go to SkyGen Discord server or go to #SkyGen IRC channel. We'll be glad to see you here !

Create your own Discord bot with NextBot !

With NextBot, you can create a very simple and easy Discord bot without knowledge in programming.

Download NextBot

Create your own IRC bot with HelloBot !

With HelloBot, you can create a very simple and easy IRC bot without knowledge in programming and IRC.

Download HelloBot

Create your own IRC bot for your channel with LifeBot without knowledge in programming for the advanced users on IRC !

Download LifeBot, a software that will allow you to easily create your own IRC bot ! With LifeBot, you can create a IRC bot for your channel.

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